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New Snow School Options!

Our main mission being ‘Happy associations with skiing and the Snow Bowl’…enjoying playing on snow…at one’s individual pace…the following is what the Snow Bowl Snow School currently intends to offer this season.

Although a private lesson can be prearranged for many days/times of the week, we intend to set up extra activities appropriate to this age range on Saturdays and Sundays by 9 a.m.

One option is for your child’s lesson to be conducted as a one on one private.  Our experience leads us to suggest booking the first time private for your 3 or 4 year old for a half hour at $35.  If your chilid is happy and the Instructor feels it would be worthwhile to continue past that time the lesson can be extended to an hour.  The full hour rate is $65.

Another option is the Tag-a-long where a parent/guardian accompanies the child during the lesson.  The purpose of this arrangement is to allow questions and coaching to occur while the child is on snow in the process of discovering.  The rate for a half hour is $45 and $80 for one hour.

If you wish to have another 3-4 year old out on snow at the same time your child is in a lesson, that would be set up as two private lessons meeting simultaneously.  There would be two Instructors with the two children for whatever length of time is appropriate.

Our experience from last season with groups at this age taught us that it is extremely rare to predicatably have two or more children of similar enough energy and interest to find group ‘success’ by any measure.  Our site cannot accommodate indoor space or other features that would facilitate serving this age category in a group dynamic.

We will be available from Dec 9th on through the season by phone 802-443-7605  and by email at .

Thank you for your interest in the Snow Bowl Snow School!

Stop by our Snow School desk and sign out (for free) our strap-on snowflake skis and find out about our Snowflake activities.  A reading and craft area has been set up in a quiet corner of the lodge.

Check out our new “Wonder Carpet”.