Lift Tickets & Season Passes


TICKET RATES (tax included) 

*Snowboards are required to have a leash when riding a lift

  Weekdays Weekends and Holidays
Adult – full day 40 60
Adult – half day 35 50
Student/Alum/Sr. Citizens (62-69) – full day 40 50
Student/Alum/Sr. Citizens (62-69) – half day 35 40
Preschool (Under 6) and 70+ 20 20
Bowl half day/Rikert half day 40 50
 Uphill Travel Pass  5
 HALF DAY TICKETS are valid from either morning opening to 12:30 p.m. or 12:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Holidays are 12/26/19-1/1/20 and 2/17-2/21/20.
*See Pass Age Requirements & Eligibility below
Are you a MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE ALUMNUS?  Please let us know when you purchase a pass.



General Public, purchase your season pass before October 31st for a significant discount!
  Early After Oct. 31th
Adult 430 520
Alumni 385 475
Student (7th grade – college) 320 390
Junior (6yrs – 6th grade) 260 300
Child (under 6yrs)/ 70+ 125 165
Sr. Citizen (62-69) 320 390

MC Student 

MC Fac/Staff





Midweek Pass 265 265
Shared Parent/Guardian Pass 520
 Uphill Season Pass  30 3
*See Pass Age Requirements & Eligibility below


The mid-week pass is valid on weekdays only from the beginning of the season until 3/1/20, excluding  12/26/19-1/1/20 & 2/17/20-2/21/20.

From 3/1/20 to the end of the season, the pass is valid seven days a week. On any weekend day or holiday, mid-week pass holders can purchase an all day ticket for the half day rate.

Shared Parent/Guardian Pass

  The shared parent/guardian pass is designed for parents who need to keep an eye on small children. Parent 1 can ski or ride while Parent 2 watches the little ones. Then they can switch and everyone is happy.

Please pick-up your pass together so we can take a photo of both parents in one picture for your pass. Restricted to 2 parents/legal guardians per pass.

Pass Age Requirements and Eligibility

*Middlebury College faculty/staff must be benefits eligible and present a MIDD card.

*A CHILD is under 6 years old. A JUNIOR is 6 years old through 6th grade.  A STUDENT is 7th grade through college. A SENIOR CITIZEN is 62-69.

Uphill Travel Policy

All Uphill travel skiers and riders must sign the uphill travel policy and turn the form in to the Snow Bowl ticket office prior to using the uphill trails.  You can download our uphill travel policy by clicking here.

  • day ticket , uphill season pass or downhill season pass required
  • be aware of operations occurring on the mountain, including but not limited to snowmobile and groomer traffic
  • use designated route following “UPHILL” signs up lower Voter to top of Sheehan or top of Worth Mt.
  • know and adhere to the Skier’s Responsibility Code
  • keep to the side of the trails in single file but be visible-downhill traffic has the right of way
  • stay within ski area boundaries when descending
  • pets are prohibited
  • ski patrol services are available only during normal operating hours
  • Snow Bowl management reserves the right to close the mountain to uphill traffic as needed
  • use of the mountain is done AT YOUR OWN RISK!



  • stay off trails being groomed or where snow is being made
  • hike on a group of 3 or more
  • bring a cell phone and where a headlamp and reflective clothing after dark
  • know your location at all times including trail names

If you have questions concerning this sale please call 802-443-7600.

I grew up skiing at the Bowl, attended Middlebury College and now my children are learning to ski and ride with the Snow School.  Perfect!

Sam H

Thank you for a great year of skiing.  We love the Snow Bowl!

Emily L

I love the Wednesday morning adult program. The instructors create a fun and supportive environment. I was able to challenge myself and step up my skiing skills. Thank you ski school!

John R

My family and I have been skiing at the Bowl for 11 years.  My wife and both of my sons learned how to ski on the mountain.  I can’t think of a better place for my family to ski, it

Ryan J
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