Ski Patrol


The Middlebury College Ski Patrol

The Middlebury College Ski Patrol is one the the most unique and longest running patrols in the country.  With the exception of the Director and Assistant Director the Patrol is staffed 100% by Middlebury College Students.  This professional and medically trained organization is certified by the National Ski Patrol and Vermont EMS. Patrol provides first response medical care, hazard marking and mitigation, rescue, and ambassador services to patrons and staff of the Snowbowl and Rikert Outdoor Center. Patrol also maintains and patrols the uphill skinning/hiking routes.  

Patrollers are happy to answer questions pertaining to terrain and conditions on the mountain (including uphill routes), feel free to stop in and chat! To find us on the mountain visit our base area and summit huts at the Snowbowl, the ticket desk at Rikert, or ask any staff member to contact Ski Patrol via radio.  On the mountain you’ll see us in blue coats with red or white crosses. Patrol can be contacted direct by phone at 802-443-7613.  

For more information contact:

Sean Grzyb, Patrol Director:

Student Presidents: Kyra McClean,

                                 Kevin Ewing,

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2022-2023 Members

Jess Mulder                                              Emma McMahan                                        

Piper Harring                                             Shea Brokaw

Lucas Tomas                                            Sam Marquis                                         

Ivo Verzone                                               Keegan Leach                                           

Mari Nakamura                                        Victoria Shuster

Sydney Rogers                                         Maddy Lieblein

Ella Roelofs                                              Justin Lucas                                                              

Annie Lee                                                 Lexi Linafelter 

Anna Weisel                                            Neta Kafka                                            

Emma Ramirez – Richer                        Kevin Ewing                      

Captain Rudolph                                    Charlotte Marks             

Noah Glassman                                     Katherine Defrancesco                                            

Eli Dibari                                                  Charlie Kauffman                                               

Ben Elstner                                             Chelsea Smith

Michael Freeman                                  Eliza Bradford                                          

Nuki Neumeister                                   Ryan Heinzerling                                    

Kyra McClean                                        Abe Hoffman                                                                             

Duncan McCabe                                   Abby Truex                                                                     

Annie Holleman